AEEA193 Taurus & Triple Warmer Meridian


This Audio Essence – main track 30 mins in duration – contains the vibrational signature for your Inner Taurus, which is also associated with your Triple Warmer Meridian.

It can be used for inner exploration, inner healing, and for alignment to the various aspects and realms of your Triple Warmer Meridian, and your Inner Astrological Taurus.

This particular Audio Essence is very useful when you need to re-connect with XXX

Your Inner Taurus wants and needs to enjoy and find beauty and pleasure in life.





In Energy Astrology terms, Taurus is connected with the Triple Warmer Meridian, and so with the positive qualities of Hope and Physical Beauty, but also with the limiting issue of Hopelessness.

The following extract below is from my Chapter on Taurus from my book Energy Astrology: Volume 1 – Introduction, which is available via Amazon (weblink).

As I write this… my Mother is outside in her garden, rushing around, doing all those last minute things which need to be completed before Winter.

Digging stuff up… planting… re-planting…

Doing whatever a good gardener needs to do at this time of year.

You see, its October, and Winter is fast approaching, and she wants “to be prepared” (her words).

However, she’s in her late-80s, doesn’t trust anyone else to do it properly… (although I am allowed to cut the grass… as long as I do it properly).

My Mother should be at a time of in her life when she is taking it easy… but she goes about her garden like a demon.

And the funny thing is…

I don’t mind at all… (although I do have to keep an eye on her to ensure that she doesn’t over do it…)

Because I understand what is really going on, what her garden really means to her.

As an extreme Taurean, my Mother perceives her garden as one of the few things she has left that gets her out of bed in the morning, which truly motivates her… keeps her going… that she has left to look forward to… that fills her with Hope.

Because her garden is her last real connection left to Physical Beauty.

But why should that be? Why do Taureans need Physical Beauty and some kind of future Hope to motivate them?

OK, the German astrologer Reinhold Ebertin originally made the connection between Taurus and the Triple Warmer Meridian (aka Triple Burner, also Triple Heater), and this link allows us to make a further connection, drawing upon the work of the Kinesiologist, John Diamond, because in his energy system/approach, the Triple Warmer Meridian is linked to the positive quality of Hope, and the negative quality of Hopelessness and Despair.

And if I may, throwing in the Elemental Archetype for Taurus from Energy Astrology at this point… Physical Beauty (and the desperate need to avoid Physical Ugliness).

OK… hands up anyone who can remember their Ancient Greek Mythology… especially the story of Pandora’s box?

Pandora opens the box… and all number of illnesses and misfortunes are let loose on Mankind, but fortunately, the box is closed and locked in time to prevent Hope from escaping as well.

The moral being… as long as Man has Hope then he can face and endure most misfortunes in life.

We can also see this truth also reflected in the parable of Job from the Bible…

And something which Oprah Winfrey said in her 2017 Golden Globe Acceptance speech.

That she had interviewed people in her career, who had suffered many of the worst things that life could throw at you.

But the one quality she had found that they all seemed to share…
the ability to hold on to Hope for a better day, even during their darkest hours.

And this truth is literally writ large in our own Meridians, Hope is the essential fuel which helps us to keep going, especially when the world around us has turned bleak and bare and dark.

You see, it’s all to do with the Triple Warmer Meridian, which in many ways is the solid spine of our energy frame.

If the Triple Warmer collapses, if we lose Hope, then 99.9% of the time, it’ll take the rest of our energy system down with it.

And so without Hope, the majority of people will just give up…

Stop trying… because what’s the point of continuing on…

When someone finally loses all Hope for the future… it can be tragic… it can be a definite ending for them.

The Triple Warmer Meridian is that important.

For example, U.S. Admiral John Stockdale, writing about his experiences in a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp during the 1960s, made a very interesting observation… (Admiral John Stockdale quoted in Ben Sherwood’s The Survivors Club: The Secrets & Science That Could Save Your Life).

When asked to explain which American prisoners perished in captivity in Vietnam, the Admiral replied, “Oh, that’s easy. The optimists.” … the optimists “Were the ones who said ‘we’re going to be out by Christmas.’ And Christmas would come, and Christmas would go. And then Thanksgiving, and then it would be Christmas again. And they died of a broken heart.” Stockdale went on: “This is a very important lesson. You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end – which you can never afford to lose – with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they may be.”

So what is John Stockdale saying?

Well, in life, you need Hope to keep going, have faith that you will prevail in the end.

But that Hope needs to be realistic, and not just a way to escape a harsh reality. Not just an escape into fantasy land.

Because when you lose Hope, you also lose the spark of life itself, the momentum that allows you to continue in spite of the hardships you are facing.

So when our Hope is strong, the energy flowing through the Triple Warmer Meridian is strong.

But when we are plunged into total Hopelessness and Despair, then the Triple Warmer Meridian crashes, and it pulls the rest of our energy system down with it.

And one of the things which I have personally found is that the Triple Warmer Meridian is also linked to our Fight, Flight, or Freeze response… and so it is central to the basic functioning of our physical organism, because this response circuit was laid down in the brains of all living creatures at the start of Evolution on this planet… over 1 billion years ago.

It is what makes us fight to keep on living, it is our drive to fight for survival.

It is the survival spark within any creature who has ever lived… or will ever live…

Even in the brain of Human Beings… the most evolved creature on the planet at this time… that most primitive of response circuits… that survival spark… is also there and will activate when the right conditions present themselves.

In fact, the Fight, Flight or Freeze circuit is designed to override all other brain circuits, all other activities, if danger is detected… and we need to fight for our continued existence.

But the thing is… when and where there is Hope, our energy system keeps going… we will keep on fighting and struggling… in spite of the harsh circumstances we find ourselves in.

But when we lose Hope, then it is as if our energy system goes into a nosedive and crashes… Big time.

Because what keeps the gazelle running from the cheetah?

I would put money on it being the Hope of escape, the Hope that it can outrun the predator, because, without Hope, you give up, you lie down, you stop trying, because what is the point.

And this is what psychologists like Leonard Seligman call learned helplessness… where a person gives up… believes there is no Hope… so why bother to keep trying.

I have seen it time and time again when someone with a lot of Taurus in their chart loses Hope… for something, whatever their Hope may be, and it will vary from person to person… but once they lose their Hope, they crash headlong into Despair and Depression… and to motivate them once again, you need to find something for them to Hope for.

The other thing about Taurus… to help us understand it more completely… the Elemental Archetype is… Physical Beauty… Taureans get themselves fueled up inside by Physical Beauty from the outside world.

Their deep appreciation for Physical Beauty… in all its various forms… supports and sustains them, it is the fuel which fills their energy tank, allows them to keep going.

However, this provides Taureans with both a major advantage and a big disadvantage.

If you ever need to kick start the inner motor of a Taurean… easy… feed their desire / need for Physical Beauty:

Good food and drink
A wonderful massage complete… with aromatherapy oils maybe
A walk in nature, or through a beautiful, colourful garden on a lovely Spring day… or a garden you have lovingly created
Great sex (… which can also be a great physical experience)
A beautiful house + furnishings
A great and loving hug from a friend
A longed-for holiday to beautiful, exotic climes
Plus… other examples of Physical Beauty

OK… true… the sex part can be tricky… especially if you live in certain parts of the world… but there are very few places were gardening is unlawful.

The advantage is that all/most of these things listed above are fairly easy to obtain… some are free… although some require money (which is why I believe Taureans love money… not for its own sake, but for what it can obtain for them)…

The disadvantage… as they get older… the avenues through which they can access this Physical Beauty starts to lessen. It becomes harder to access the things which feed their need for Physical Beauty, old age and dwindling health/money/resources denies them of the ways which they used to enjoy and use.

And an elderly Taurean, trapped in an old age peoples home, in a failing body… it must be a living nightmare.

Because many of those places are gloomy and depressing, with poor and grey interior decor.

And so as the body fails… Hope starts to diminish.

Unless… they still have something left to enjoy… or… they are being cared for by someone caring and understanding…

Which is why elderly Taureans, who still can, take so much pleasure in their gardens… because once life starts stripping you down, and closing down other avenues for Physical Beauty… being able to work in and enjoy your garden, the Physical Beauty of nature on your doorstep takes on an enormous value to you.

A value beyond that which any of the other Signs can really understand.

The Astrological Glyph which the Ancient Astrologers associated with the Sign of Taurus was the Bull. For people in pre-history, Bulls were a symbol of strength, power and fertility… which are all qualities associated with Taurus… and they were also super-important for maintaining the size of your herd… Without a healthy and fertile Bull, your family herd would soon suffer and diminish in size, and so your family’s wealth and prosperity would also quickly decrease too. So Bulls were probably also seen as the key to continued physical abundance and prosperity. And if you don’t approach them with care… they will charge… they’re dangerous if you don’t know how to handle them best… they have sharp horns. In the modern world, a sign of material prosperity and success is an expensive car. In ancient times, it was probably a strong, healthy and fertile Bull, that could double or triple the size of your herd, and who all your farmer neighbours wanted to breed with. That’s probably why Taurus is linked with material prosperity.

Note: Once again, this and other information can be found in Energy Astrology – Volume 1 – Introduction, and the rest of the Energy Astrology book series.

In addition… The following Audio Essences & Earth Energy Skills MP3s contain energies that are useful and also aligned with Taurus, and so beneficial to anyone working with Taurus or to resolve Taurean issues:

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Sun in Taurus – Ability to feel and express your core and Soul energy, ability to step outside your Comfort Zone and your Tribe and Social Group, and be a unique individual and go off in a new direction, ablity to identify, know and achieve your life purpose. Your style and expression of Inner Father.

Moon in Taurus – Ability to nurture yourself, be in your Physical Body, access, stabilize and feel safe within your Comfort Zone, and be a part of a Group or Tribe. Your style and expression of Inner Mother and Inner Child.

Mercury in Taurus – Ability to effectively communicate your thoughts, ideas and mind, express your personal style and personality, understand, fit in, navigate and function well in the World.

Venus in Taurus – Ability to understand and feel your sense of Self, to achieve and maintain inner harmony, experience and maintain positive self-worth and self-value, and to be attractive and magnetic, both externally and internally, to what you want, need and desire, the ability to be in the flow.

Mars in Taurus – Ability to assert yourself, motivate yourself, defend yourself when needed, get your needs met, and fight for your wants, needs, desires when required.

Jupiter in Taurus – Ability to expand and find meaning and purpose in your life, to see and understand the greater pattern and picture of your life, and so motivate yourself from an understanding of your bigger and deeper purpose.

Saturn in Taurus – Ability to remain grounded and focused in your life, and cope effectively with the obstacles and challenges you may face, ability to see what is really going on and cope, ability to stay the course, no matter the hardships, to be disciplined and patient when needed.

Chiron in Taurus – Ability to understand your faults and limitations, and the nature of your own psychic wound, and through accepting it, gain insight, forgiveness and true Soul healing.

Uranus in Taurus – Ability to see the bigger Universal picture, ability to see behind the curtain of life, if only for a moment, ability to deal with psychic lightning strikes.

Neptune in Taurus – Ability to feel the bigger Universal energies, ability to be touched and embraced by unconditional love and bliss, ability to understand what is real and what is illusion and deception, and the ability to see into and understand dreams and multiple dimensions.

Pluto in Taurus – Ability to let go of the past, and be reborn into the ever-changing moment, ability to deal with psychic earthquakes,

Midheaven in Taurus – Ability to know who you are, and understand your place in the World, and how you fit in, ability to see and understand where you are going in your life.

Imum Coeli in Taurus – Ability to look into your fears and uncertainties, and cope, and turn weaknesses into strengths, ability to understand what grounds you, where your roots lie.

South Node in Taurus – Ability to draw upon your old and existing skills and talents, what has given you purpose and meaning in the past, and use them as foundations for new growth.

North Node in Taurus – Ability to develop new skills and talents, especially ones that give new meaning and purpose to your life.

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