AEEA194 Gemini & Liver Meridian


This Audio Essence – main track 30 mins in duration – contains the vibrational signature for your Inner Gemini, which is also associated with your Liver Meridian.

It can be used for inner exploration, inner healing, and for alignment to the various aspects and realms of your Liver Meridian, and your Inner Astrological Gemini.

This particular Audio Essence is very useful when you need to re-connect with XXX

Your Inner Taurus wants and needs to find happiness and mental stimulation.



In Energy Astrology terms, Gemini is connected with the Liver Meridian, and so with the positive qualities of Happiness and Energizing the Mind, but also with the limiting issue of Unhappiness

The following extract below is from my Chapter on Gemini from my book Energy Astrology: Volume 1 – Introduction, which is available via Amazon (weblink).

Going to start this chapter with 4 Big statements:

Geminis are a mental sign, and so they are focused 99% on mental activity
Geminis are jack of all trades, and they just don’t have time to master anything like a Sagittarius would… and wouldn’t want to anyway… it’s just not their way
Right now, during the Age of the Internet, Geminis are having the time of their lives… right now, is the best time there has ever been to be a Gemini (even better than the 15th Century when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press… way better then that)
Geminis are the sign of the Zodiac who are meant to never stand still.. in fact, they’re hard-wired to keep moving

Right now, Geminis are just too busy surfing the web, taking in everything there is to learn to have time to complete that PhD… they don’t have time to specialize… and why should they when they’re having so much fun?

Right now, where the other 11 Zodiac signs are suffering from information overload, Gemini is loving it all.

Bring it on!… Hey, you guys keep up… What’s information overload? … This is so amazing!

Like I said, right now, Geminis are having the time of their lives… so much to learn, so much that is new, so much constant change and mental stimulation.

Look… someone has posted a new theory on Black Holes… and that famous actress-singer has dumped her latest boyfriend… and look another cute cat video!

Gemini’s love being so plugged in.

But there is a catch… unfortunately.

Because is the point of our life a quest to achieve a definite goal… or is it to just keep on questing… and we don’t care about what?

At the end of the day… at the end of your life… what have you got to show for it all?

Or put another way… is it just about accessing bucket loads of information… or is the quality and content of the information important?

In those 2 questions… lies the whole dilemma for a Gemini.

Let me explain.

OK, the German astrologer Reinhold Ebertin originally made the connection between Gemini and the Liver Meridian, and this link allows us to make a further link, drawing upon the work of the kinesiologist, John Diamond, because in his energy system/approach the Liver Meridian is linked to the positive quality of Happiness, and the negative quality of Unhappiness.

And if I may… throwing in the Elemental Archetype for Gemini from Energy Astrology…Energizing the Mind… (in fact, with a Gemini, their mental body is so energetically stimulated that they can’t switch it off, and they need to find something to occupy and entertain it… they require constant mental stimulation).

To understand Gemini… and it took me a while to figure this out… we need to understand that they are a Sign that needs constant motion… mental stimulation… they are on a continual quest… and even if they where to achieve the desired goal of the quest, the very next second they would be packing up for their next quest.

And all their many quests are really all about finding Happiness.

Now, Aries is also on a quest… as we have already seen… but their quests are to do with the physical world in some way, and they are looking for some kind of physical challenge to help them conquer their fear.

In contrast, Gemini quests are always to do with the Mind, they want to learn something new, a piece of information which will stimulate them… and help them to hold back the boredom.

But the next Gemini question now becomes… What exactly is Happiness?

Well… although is may sound like a closed-loop answer… for a Gemini, Happiness = Motion, and Motion = Happiness… and because Gemini is a mental Sign, that motion needs to have a mental / interesting and stimulating ideas component.

The very fact they are on a quest is what makes them happy… not on achieving the end goal… which is useful, helps to give a direction and mental focus… but the goal is definitely not what makes them Happy.

It’s the quest, the journey itself, which is the source of their Happiness.

As the famous poem Ithaca by C.P. Cavafy states:

… Always keep Ithaca in your mind;
to reach her is your destiny.
But do not rush your journey in the least.
Better that it last for many years;
that you drop anchor at the island an old man,
rich with all you’ve gotten on the way,
not expecting Ithaca to make you rich.

Ithaca gave to you the beautiful journey;
without her you’d not have set upon the road.
But she has nothing left to give you any more.

That is a travel poem almost written for all Geminis.

They are not like Sagittarius, who wants to stand still and study a topic in depth for their whole life. No, for Gemini, that would be too boring, too static, too limiting…

For a Gemini… it would be their version of Hell!!!

So to say “Jack of all trades, master of none“… which is often said about Gemini… isn’t really fair, because they were never put on this earth to master any trade… that’s not their function, not their unique gift or talent… and all the Astrological signs have a unique gift (what would be the point of any of the 12 Astrological Signs doing or being exactly the same?)

And that’s what confused me about Gemini for a long time… you see, seen from the eyes of a Sagittarius say, it’s as if Geminis are fickle, easily bored… can’t settle down… probably because they haven’t found the right topic/subject yet… but when they do, they’ll be able to mentally settle and put down roots…

In other words, it is assumed by a Sagittarius or Virgo that when a Gemini finds the right subject to occupy their mental energies they will evolve.

Wrong, wrong… wrong… and wrong.

Geminis will never settle down and become a Sagittarius say… focusing on one topic forever after…

By their very nature, they can’t… and why should they?

Because a Gemini is not designed or intended to carry out that function within our psyche… or within society at large.

And if you think about it from an Evolutionary point of view, Humanity would never have evolved, have never got to where we are if there wasn’t something within us which wasn’t infinitely restless… if there wasn’t something inside ourselves which would continually settle for the old & reliable… and instead, didn’t keep pushing to see what was beyond the next mountain…

And that part of us is Gemini… and an Uber-Gemini feels that inner force, that continual need for momentum, most keenly.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t a Gemini who kick-started human Evolution a million odd years ago… “Look, I was suddenly struck by the idea to see what would happen if I put the raw meat over the fire… just taste it… there… it tastes a whole lot better…”

Gemini can never keep still… is always moving… especially on the mental plane… because that is its role… to keep us moving forward in life… as individuals, as a society and as a species.

And when you have 4 books on the go at any one time… when you have been interested in and studied 7 different subjects in the last 12 months… then it is also becomes possible to link ideas between different areas… find connections… make new discoveries… perceive wider and deeper patterns…

In his book, Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies: Psychology & Chinese Medicine, the psychiatrist and acupuncturist Leon Hammer… (yes, such a hybrid does actually exist)… also states that the Liver Meridian is all about motion.

Which is kind of what the 21st Century is all about… it’s no longer just about making a new discovery… but progress is more often about liking Idea A with Idea B to come up with a different way of doing things… even if those 2 Ideas come from different sciences and / or disciplines…

Which is kind of what Energy Astrology is all about, how they developed (plus Audio Essences)…

The Ancient Greek Mystic Heraclitus once said… “You can never step in the same river twice…” … because the river is always flowing, the water is always changing… nothing remains the same.

But for a Gemini, it is more about stepping into as many rivers as possible… and the more change the better.

The majority of the time the motion is forward, but occasionally the motion has to be backwards because in life there are times when it is necessary to retreat to avoid an obstacle… and if all motion is lost, then the individual is plunged into depression… which for a Gemini is a total loss of motion, a feeling of being not only bored but stuck and totally trapped.

It is interesting that this kind of depression (and I believe there are 2 types basically) is usually depicted as being locked in a prison, with no chance of escape… no chance of movement… no brightness, all is grey and totally devoid of colour and mental stimulation… i.e. a Gemini description of Hell… total lock-down boring.

And so our next question has to be… well, if Gemini is a mind-orientated sign… where exactly is it going to look for Happiness?

In the realm of emotions, like Cancer… or in the realm of the physical, like Taurus…?

No… Gemini is a mind-orientated sign… so Happiness can only be found in the realm of the mind…

Gemini will always associate Happiness with some kind of mental stimulation.

And this also implies that Unhappiness occurs when a Gemini is locked into any boring environment… trapped…

Have you ever tried to manage a bored Gemini? When your back is turned… immediately they’re on to the Internet, surfing… trying to find fresh mental stimulation…

Which they can’t find in any boring, monotonous task you give them… no matter how hard they try. (That’s why the perfect job for a Gemini is probably journalist… where the newsfeed is changing daily, even hourly.)

To be honest, they’re not being disrespectful… or out to undermine your authority… it’s just that the work you’re providing them with is boring, and they have a desperate need for mental stimulation… it’s like a mental drug to them.

Their Mind literally seizes up when they are bored… and they find it painful.

If you are to stand any chance of success… Geminis need roles that lend themselve to multi-tasking… they perform better when they are juggling several different tasks at the same time…

Helps them to keep the boredom at bay.

(Although there is a case to be made for saying “Maybe you are in the wrong job entirely… maybe you need to find a way of earning money that is more mentally stimulating for you…“)

It used to be that a way to feed their constant need for mental stimulation, a Gemini would have 3 or 4 books on the go at any one time (and they probably still do)… but in the 21st Century… why start/finish a book when you can plunge into the Internet for any fresh data-fix you need… and social media… a Geminis total dream.

Look… someone has posted a new theory on Black Holes… and that famous actress-singer has dumped her latest boyfriend… and look another cute cat video!

In fact, in the 21st Century, your average Gemini is probably the happiest they have ever been in the whole long history of Humanity… ever since they got Human civilization started long ago.

I mean… the discovery of fire… and the invention of the wheel seemed very interesting at the time… and the discovery of the printing press was a blast for a while…

But for a Gemini now, that’s nothing compared to an afternoon spent surfing the Net.

The Astrological Glyph which the Ancient Astrologers associated with the Sign of Gemini was Twins. Once again, we need to cast our minds back to Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt to understand what this Glyph may mean in terms of the Sign of Gemini. And back then, the successful birth of Twins would have been a rare event… especially when you factor in the danger involved with ancient childbirth from even a single baby. So Twins were special.. and rare. Now… this is one which I cannot ever prove… but I have a suspicion that the Ancient Seers had some kind of understanding about our 2 Brains… the left and right hemispheres… and the specialisation between the two sides of our nature. And, they most probably did know all about the two sides of the Mind… the Rational + Intellectual… and the Feeling + Intuitive… and so came up with the image of Twins to capture and demonstrate this duality in our psyche… identical and yet different.

Note: Once again, this and other information can be found in Energy Astrology – Volume 1 – Introduction, and the rest of the Energy Astrology book series.

In addition… The following Audio Essences & Earth Energy Skills MP3s contain energies that are useful and also aligned with Gemini, and so beneficial to anyone working with Gemini or to resolve Gemini issues:

Crystal Quality for Happiness

Crystal Quality for Refining the Mind

Unhappiness Crystal Antidote

Working with the following Planets in Gemini helps to also target and focus the energies, and so refine your ability to work with those specific Gemini energies – click on the weblink below to access the MP3 for that particular Audio Essence:

Sun in Gemini – Ability to feel and express your core and Soul energy, ability to step outside your Comfort Zone and your Tribe and Social Group, and be a unique individual and go off in a new direction, ablity to identify, know and achieve your life purpose. Your style and expression of Inner Father.

Moon in Gemini – Ability to nurture yourself, be in your Physical Body, access, stabilize and feel safe within your Comfort Zone, and be a part of a Group or Tribe. Your style and expression of Inner Mother and Inner Child.

Mercury in Gemini – Ability to effectively communicate your thoughts, ideas and mind, express your personal style and personality, understand, fit in, navigate and function well in the World.

Venus in Gemini – Ability to understand and feel your sense of Self, to achieve and maintain inner harmony, experience and maintain positive self-worth and self-value, and to be attractive and magnetic, both externally and internally, to what you want, need and desire, the ability to be in the flow.

Mars in Gemini – Ability to assert yourself, motivate yourself, defend yourself when needed, get your needs met, and fight for your wants, needs, desires when required.

Jupiter in Gemini – Ability to expand and find meaning and purpose in your life, to see and understand the greater pattern and picture of your life, and so motivate yourself from an understanding of your bigger and deeper purpose.

Saturn in Gemini – Ability to remain grounded and focused in your life, and cope effectively with the obstacles and challenges you may face, ability to see what is really going on and cope, ability to stay the course, no matter the hardships, to be disciplined and patient when needed.

Chiron in Gemini – Ability to understand your faults and limitations, and the nature of your own psychic wound, and through accepting it, gain insight, forgiveness and true Soul healing.

Uranus in Gemini – Ability to see the bigger Universal picture, ability to see behind the curtain of life, if only for a moment, ability to deal with psychic lightning strikes.

Neptune in Gemini – Ability to feel the bigger Universal energies, ability to be touched and embraced by unconditional love and bliss, ability to understand what is real and what is illusion and deception, and the ability to see into and understand dreams and multiple dimensions.

Pluto in Gemini – Ability to let go of the past, and be reborn into the ever-changing moment, ability to deal with psychic earthquakes,

Midheaven in Gemini – Ability to know who you are, and understand your place in the World, and how you fit in, ability to see and understand where you are going in your life.

Imum Coeli in Gemini – Ability to look into your fears and uncertainties, and cope, and turn weaknesses into strengths, ability to understand what grounds you, where your roots lie.

South Node in Gemini – Ability to draw upon your old and existing skills and talents, what has given you purpose and meaning in the past, and use them as foundations for new growth.

North Node in Gemini – Ability to develop new skills and talents, especially ones that give new meaning and purpose to your life.

(c) Brian Parsons / Samarpan Alchemy 2021.