AEEA197 Virgo & Large Intestine Meridian

This Audio Essence – main track 30 mins in duration – contains the vibrational signature for your Inner Virgo, which is also associated with your Large Intestine Meridian.

It can be used for inner exploration, inner healing, and for alignment to the various aspects and realms of your Large Intestine Meridian, and your Inner Astrological Virgo.

This particular Audio Essence is very useful when you need to re-connect with XXX

Your Inner Taurus wants and needs to enjoy a positive and expansive feeling of self-worth.



In Energy Astrology terms, Virgo is connected with the Large Intestine Meridian, and so with the positive qualities of Self-Worth and Refining the Physical, but also with the limiting issue of Guilt.

The following extract below is from my Chapter on Virgo from my book Energy Astrology: Volume 1 – Introduction, which is available via Amazon (weblink).

In the above photo, a puppy has just destroyed a cushion, ripping it apart, feathers all over the place… and you can just imagine its owner, standing over it, saying… “Bad dog… Naughty dog!

Trying to make the puppy feel guilty… which is pretty much the same tactic which people try to use on other people when they want to control their behaviour.

Because when you make someone else feel guilty… it becomes easier to undermine them and control them… because people will do almost anything to avoid the low and horrible feeling of guilt.


Well… let’s begin disentangling that by tracking the link between the Zodiac sign of Virgo… to the issue of Guilt.

OK, the German astrologer Reinhold Ebertin originally made the connection between Virgo and the Large Intestine meridian, and this link allows us to make a further link, drawing upon the work of the kinesiologist, John Diamond, because in his energy system/approach the Large Intestine is linked to the positive quality of self-worth, and the negative quality of guilt

Note: In a psychosomatic approach, the Large Intestine is where we process our waste before it is expelled… so it is the place where we energetically place all the psychic material we do not want to face, the psychic material we feel guilty about.

Or to simplify that equation a little… -ve Virgo = guilt+ve Virgo = self-worth.

But now we have the equation… the next question… what exactly is guilt?

Well… a useful definition is that an individual feels guilt when they know they have done something bad/wrong… as opposed to shame, which occurs when an individual believes themselves to be bad/wrong… and so everything they do is also bound to be bad/wrong.

So shame is even more toxic then guilt… because at least with guilt you can say “I have done a bad thing… but I am still a good person“… with shame that defence is taken away totally from you… because you define yourself as being bad through and through.

Parents try to educate their kids… and puppies… by defining certain actions as bad… and creating a sense of guilt, so that the kids/puppies won’t repeat those actions because of the bad feeling attached to the action.

Both shame and guilt are very low vibration… which results in two things:

  • Guilt feels so awful that people will do anything to avoid feeling guilty… something which priests down the millennia has used to control their tribes… as has mothers/fathers for untold generations.
  • A small child doesn’t always understand the difference between an action they have carried out, and their own independent sense of self… so often at an early age guilt is accompanied by a fair degree of shame… which is actually the most toxic of all emotions, because it cuts into the root of who we believe ourselves to be.

Now, one of the things which Virgo is known for is… perfectionism on a good day… and procrastination on a bad day.

But both of these can be traced back to guilt

Perfectionism is a way of avoiding guilt… or at least, people hope it is… because you constantly strive that your actions/creations will be perfect… because then no one can ever then find fault with them… and if no one can find fault with them, no one can ever criticize you… and if no one can ever criticize you… then you are never going to ever feel guilty.

See how it works?

That’s why Virgo’s strive for perfection… because it is a way, they hope or avoiding the guilt they dread.

Procrastination works in a similar way… if you never finish anything, no one can ever criticize it, because it is always a work in progress… which means no one can ever criticize you… then you are never going to ever feel guilty.

See how that approach works?

Virgo’s have a tendency to avoid finishing anything… not because they can’t (actually they are very capable fellows)… but because if / when they do finish something… they are open to people judging their creation… which… etc… etc… could end up in their feeling guilty.

Virgo’s have a reputation of being able to find fault with anything… but they live in fear of the same precise eye being turned on them… because if they are found to be at fault… yep, you guessed it… a tsunami of guilt.

Strangely, if you are very Virgoan (i.e. several planets in Virgo say), from early childhood you have usually discovered that you would rather not try… and so settle on feeling the frustration of never completing anything… rather than try, complete, fail, be judged, and end up feeling guilty.

Because, overall, frustration is a better feeling then guilt… compared to frustrationguilt really sucks… and so must be avoided at all costs.

It’s a game of which feeling feels marginally better?

So how does all this track with self-worth?

Well, once again… if we go back to the definition of the word… self-worth is all about doing.

Self-love is about being… it’s the love you get from the Universe… for free… for just being alive.

But self-worth is something you create yourself… what you make for yourself whenever you flex your own doing muscles… try, complete and succeed… whenever you step outside of your comfort zone.

But it doesn’t last forever… to maintain a good sense of self-worth, after you have conquered one mountain… rest, recharge… but after a while, you will need a new challenge to motivate you… a new far off mountain to dream of climbing. Something which gets you outside your comfort zone… because being trapped within the safety and boredom of your comfort zone is what, paradoxically, kills off your stock of self-worth.

Hence the phrase, don’t rest on your laurels.

Every now and then you need a new challenge, a new skill to learn, something to do to see if your muscles still work… and to recharge your self-worth.

Self-love is there for the asking… self-worth is something you have to create for yourself.

But guilt can really screw-up our mental works… damage our internal mechanism… because if guilt is all about believing we have done something bad… and self-worth arises from a successful doing

Well, if you suffer from guilt, then the last thing you will want to do… is actually do… because that might lead to failure and more guilt

So the danger is that Virgos never step outside their comfort zones… unless there is something else, wild and crazy, going on in their chart, they seldom go off and have adventures (i.e. apart from Bilbo & Frodo, the majority of Hobbits must all be Virgos)… they let their sensible side (influenced by a fear of guilt) talk them out of this.

Which means they never give themselves the opportunity to accomplish great things (unless there is something else going on in their chart to compensate).

That’s why guilt is so corrosive to our feelings of self-worth… and all of the above dramas are played, almost every day, by someone who has a lot of Virgo planets in their chart.

It is natural for a small child to explore its world, its boundaries… and through doing so it makes mistakes, milk gets tipped over, the cat gets painted red, wall-paper gets drawn on… and boundaries do need to be set, and the child needs to know that certain actions are unacceptable in a civilized society.

But if the parent’s response is too draconian, too harsh, then guilt sets in… and the child stops moving forwards… it becomes too afraid to try… and the guilt censor takes up permanent residence in its mind.

The Astrological Glyph which the Ancient Astrologers associated with the Sign of Virgo was the Virgin. Now… the Astrology was born in such lands as Egypt and Mesopatamia… and back then in some cultures  women were expected to spend a period of time as a Sacred Prostitute, aligned to a Temple… providing a service to the God or Goddess. So we shouldn’t let our Modrn concept of virginity colour how it was perceived millennia ago… where it represented a woman who slept with many men… but who never gave away, within them, what belonged to them and the Divine.

Note: Once again, this and other information can be found in Energy Astrology – Volume 1 – Introduction, and the rest of the Energy Astrology book series.

In addition… The following Audio Essences & Earth Energy Skills MP3s contain energies that are useful and also aligned with Virgo, and so beneficial to anyone working with Virgo or to resolve Virgoan issues:

Crystal Quality for Self-Worth

Crystal Quality for Refining the Physical

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Working with the following Planets in Virgo helps to also target and focus the energies, and so refine your ability to work with those specific Virgoan energies – click on the weblink below to access the MP3 for that particular Audio Essence:

Sun in Virgo – Ability to feel and express your core and Soul energy, ability to step outside your Comfort Zone and your Tribe and Social Group, and be a unique individual and go off in a new direction, ablity to identify, know and achieve your life purpose. Your style and expression of Inner Father.

Moon in Virgo – Ability to nurture yourself, be in your Physical Body, access, stabilize and feel safe within your Comfort Zone, and be a part of a Group or Tribe. Your style and expression of Inner Mother and Inner Child.

Mercury in Virgo – Ability to effectively communicate your thoughts, ideas and mind, express your personal style and personality, understand, fit in, navigate and function well in the World.

Venus in Virgo – Ability to understand and feel your sense of Self, to achieve and maintain inner harmony, experience and maintain positive self-worth and self-value, and to be attractive and magnetic, both externally and internally, to what you want, need and desire, the ability to be in the flow.

Mars in Virgo – Ability to assert yourself, motivate yourself, defend yourself when needed, get your needs met, and fight for your wants, needs, desires when required.

Jupiter in Virgo – Ability to expand and find meaning and purpose in your life, to see and understand the greater pattern and picture of your life, and so motivate yourself from an understanding of your bigger and deeper purpose.

Saturn in Virgo – Ability to remain grounded and focused in your life, and cope effectively with the obstacles and challenges you may face, ability to see what is really going on and cope, ability to stay the course, no matter the hardships, to be disciplined and patient when needed.

Chiron in Virgo – Ability to understand your faults and limitations, and the nature of your own psychic wound, and through accepting it, gain insight, forgiveness and true Soul healing.

Uranus in Virgo – Ability to see the bigger Universal picture, ability to see behind the curtain of life, if only for a moment, ability to deal with psychic lightning strikes.

Neptune in Virgo – Ability to feel the bigger Universal energies, ability to be touched and embraced by unconditional love and bliss, ability to understand what is real and what is illusion and deception, and the ability to see into and understand dreams and multiple dimensions.

Pluto in Virgo – Ability to let go of the past, and be reborn into the ever-changing moment, ability to deal with psychic earthquakes,

Midheaven in Virgo – Ability to know who you are, and understand your place in the World, and how you fit in, ability to see and understand where you are going in your life.

Imum Coeli in Virgo – Ability to look into your fears and uncertainties, and cope, and turn weaknesses into strengths, ability to understand what grounds you, where your roots lie.

South Node in Virgo – Ability to draw upon your old and existing skills and talents, what has given you purpose and meaning in the past, and use them as foundations for new growth.

North Node in Virgo – Ability to develop new skills and talents, especially ones that give new meaning and purpose to your life.

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