AEEA198 Libra & Heart Protector Meridian


This Audio Essence – main track 30 mins in duration – contains the vibrational signature for your Inner Libra, which is also associated with your Heart Protector Meridian.

It can be used for inner exploration, inner healing, and for alignment to the various aspects and realms of your Heart Protector Meridian, and your Inner Astrological Libra.

This particular Audio Essence is very useful when you need to re-connect with XXX

Your Inner Libra wants and needs to enjoy and find beauty in relationships and the mind.



In Energy Astrology terms, Libra is connected with the Heart Protector Meridian, and so with the positive qualities of Relaxation, Generousity and Mental Beauty, but also with the limiting issue of Regret.

The following extract below is from my Chapter on Libra from my book Energy Astrology: Volume 1 – Introduction, which is available via Amazon (weblink).

When you talk about Libra… you cannot not talk about…

Relationships and other people.

Because, for better or worse, other people and relationships lie at the core of what Libra is all about.

John Paul Satre once said… “Hell is other people“… which is true, but that automatically suggests that “Heaven is other people” as well… and as the gifted 20th Century psychic Edgar Cayce (aka the Sleeping Prophet) stated about his life:

“If I ever get to heaven, it will be carried on the backs of all the people I have helped.”

Other people bring out the worst in us… and the best.., and vice versa.

And in those two quotations is mapped out the whole territory for a Libra.

Because, in a sense, Libra is an Astrological Sign caught between the potential Heaven and Hell, which is to be found in our relationships with other people.

Some people will treat us fairly, while others will try to cheat us.

And we must be able to deal effectively with each type of different situation, if and when they occur.

Let me explain.

OK, the German astrologer Reinhold Ebertin originally made the connection between Libra and the Heart Protector meridian, and this link allows us to make a further association, drawing upon the work of the kinesiologist, John Diamond, because in his energy system/approach the Heart Protector Meridian is linked to the positive quality of Relaxation, and the negative qualities of Regret & Remorse…

And if I may, throwing in the Elemental Archetype for Libra from Energy Astrology…Mental Beauty.

Now, if Taurus is concerned with Physical Beauty, Pisces with Emotional Beauty, and Leo with Spiritual Beauty… then Libra is the sign which focused on the need for… any guesses?… yes, Mental Beauty.

But what is Mental Beauty? … Well, in one direction… it is art, poetry, fine writing… anything which awakens our mental, aesthetic sense.

But the thing which all Librans elevate to a true art form is… relationships.

And if you think about it, relationships are mental creations.

OK, I know, there are species throughout the Animal kingdom which mate for life, and so engage in life-long relationships with the same partner, so humans are not special in that regard.

But it is only human beings who have taken relationships in a totally different direction, and elevated them to an art-form, and our use of language creates dimensions of harmony and conflict unknown by any other creature on land, sea or air.

And of the 12 Astrological Signs, Librans are the Sign whose purpose on Earth is to make their relationships the most beautiful they possibly can… the most harmonious… the most perfect…

And can anyone see the potential problem with that goal?

Yes… as Satre says… Hell is other people.

If there was a planet totally populated with Librans, then they might just stand a chance of achieving beauty and perfection… a planet of people living in perfect harmony… (as the old Coke advert used to say… “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony!”)

Unfortunately, and to quote Duran Duran here, this is Planet Earth… where the other 11 Astrology Signs roam around, unchecked by the Mental Beauty police.

And as soon as you throw in a Virgo, a Capricorn, a Cancer… or the worst imaginable for a Libran… a self-centred Aries into the mix… then beauty and harmony soon go out the window… and any Libran starts to struggle to hold on to their dream of a mentally perfect and beautiful relationship.

Unless they are in a relationship with another Libran, no other Sign has such an inner investment in trying to keep the beauty going in any relationship (although Pisces does come close in some areas, for different reasons)… and so Librans often feel let down, because they often feel they are doing all the work in the relationship.

And this is when we start to slide into the negative side of Libra, because so desperate are they to hold on to the beautiful relationship dream, that they start making compromises, they start to put the other’s wants/needs first, ahead of their own, they start to bite their tongue when they should say “No way” or “That’s not for fair on me.”.

Imagine someone with lots of Planets in Libra, in a relationship with someone with lots of Planets in Aries… they must have bitten their tongue so many times down the years, they need a new one!

Librans will try to make the relationship work, even when it is at their own expense, long after they should have walked out the door.

They have a tough time letting go of a failed or failing relationship because they believe that if only they could compromise a little more, then they could make it work, they could make it all beautiful.

And divorce for a Libran must indeed be a total nightmare… especially if the intimate details of a relationship are brought out and discussed in open court.

Which brings us to the main negative emotion for Libra… Regret (and Remorse is really Regret on steroids)… Regret is when we continually re-work a scene or situation from the past, trying to find a way we could have made it better…

Librans will spend hours in their head, mentally re-playing failed relationship scenes, times which got ugly, times when the relationship fell from beauty, in the hope that they could find a way they could have said or done the right thing to have made it beautiful again… (sometimes long after the other person involved in the scene has married someone else… or even died, and is no longer around to answer back).

And always their focus is on them… what they did wrong… what they could have done differently.

If you want a sign that can match Virgos for beating themselves up, pick a Libran… because they often start out assuming they did something wrong… because at least then, they can change their behaviour to make the situation better. If it is the other person’s fault, then a Libran is lost, because there is nothing they can change, and so the illusion of being able to change the relationship for the better is shattered, and the potential return to Mental Beauty is shattered too.

Also, Librans have an amazingly difficult time letting go of the past, especially in relation to failed relationships.

And, time and time again, during each mental re-play, they’re looking for a way to re-establish a route back to the beautiful relationship they dreamed of.

“If only… If only… If only… If only… If only…”

However, the problem is that Regret leaves Librans open to attracting individuals who will manipulate them and take advantage of their good nature.


Because of their energetic resonance to the Heart Protector Meridian.

There are 3 Meridians which are assigned the task of protecting the Heart from external influence or attack, and the most important of these three is… yes, you’ve guessed it… the Heart Protector Meridian… (and interestingly, they are all the meridians aligned to an aspect of beauty using the Elemental Archetype system).

In life, we don’t want to be too open, because then we just suck up all the psychic crap from other people, but neither do we want to be totally closed because then it is like being stuck in an emotional prison, which can be an isolating and lonely life.

So we are at risk if we are too open, and in emotional pain, if we are too closed.

In the real world, we, therefore, need some kind of protection that we can raise and lower, appropriate to the situation we find ourselves in.

This is where the Heart Protector Meridian comes in.

I always describe the Heart Protector Meridian as being like a drawbridge on a medieval castle, which we can raise and lower, as needs must. The innermost part of the castle represents the innermost part of our Heart, the juicy, warm, sacred bit.

We can raise the drawbridge (Heart Protector Meridian) whenever we sense that an enemy is close-at-hand, thus closing down access to our inner self.

We can also lower it when we feel that we are in the presence of people whom we love and trust so that we can share our love, warmth and uniqueness with them (and vice versa).

But the problem for a Libran is, in their desperate and continual quest for a beautiful relationship, they remain open to people they should not be, who are out to manipulate them.

And really, that’s the 3 life-lessons a Libran needs to learn:

Let go of the past and regret so they can embrace a better future
Attract nurturing relationships… and close down energetically to people who are out to manipulate them
Have a flexible drawbridge… being open to the good people… closed to the bad people…

Once a Libran has got those three under its belt, they usually go on to live very successful lives, because they are experts at being sociable and working our their social connections for the better.

And as I had to explain to a 4-year old once, Librans have got nothing to do with Librarians… although a Libran would probably make a very good Librarian.

The Astrological Glyph which the Ancient Astrologers associated with the Sign of Libra was the Scales… and probably basic scales… at least from our perspective… reliant on weight and gravity. Now… Astrology was born in lands, such as Egypt and Mesopotamia… and back then, scales were associated with trade and taxation… and scales were used to ensure that people weren’t cheating you… or you weren’t cheating someone else… that the gold which you were being given was the real thing, and had not been dilluted down. So the glyph of the scales is associated with fairness, truth… and fairness is one of the cornerstones of all Human relationships. Remember, this was long before the invention of money, and so the quality of the gold and silver you were being given for your goods and services, and whether it had been diluted down or not, was paramount to establishing a fair and equitable trading relationship.


Note: Once again, this and other information can be found in Energy Astrology – Volume 1 – Introduction, and the rest of the Energy Astrology book series.

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Sun in Libra – Ability to feel and express your core and Soul energy, ability to step outside your Comfort Zone and your Tribe and Social Group, and be a unique individual and go off in a new direction, ablity to identify, know and achieve your life purpose. Your style and expression of Inner Father.

Moon in Libra – Ability to nurture yourself, be in your Physical Body, access, stabilize and feel safe within your Comfort Zone, and be a part of a Group or Tribe. Your style and expression of Inner Mother and Inner Child.

Mercury in Libra – Ability to effectively communicate your thoughts, ideas and mind, express your personal style and personality, understand, fit in, navigate and function well in the World.

Venus in Libra – Ability to understand and feel your sense of Self, to achieve and maintain inner harmony, experience and maintain positive self-worth and self-value, and to be attractive and magnetic, both externally and internally, to what you want, need and desire, the ability to be in the flow.

Mars in Libra – Ability to assert yourself, motivate yourself, defend yourself when needed, get your needs met, and fight for your wants, needs, desires when required.

Jupiter in Libra – Ability to expand and find meaning and purpose in your life, to see and understand the greater pattern and picture of your life, and so motivate yourself from an understanding of your bigger and deeper purpose.

Saturn in Libra– Ability to remain grounded and focused in your life, and cope effectively with the obstacles and challenges you may face, ability to see what is really going on and cope, ability to stay the course, no matter the hardships, to be disciplined and patient when needed.

Chiron in Libra – Ability to understand your faults and limitations, and the nature of your own psychic wound, and through accepting it, gain insight, forgiveness and true Soul healing.

Uranus in Taurus – Ability to see the bigger Universal picture, ability to see behind the curtain of life, if only for a moment, ability to deal with psychic lightning strikes.

Neptune in Libra – Ability to feel the bigger Universal energies, ability to be touched and embraced by unconditional love and bliss, ability to understand what is real and what is illusion and deception, and the ability to see into and understand dreams and multiple dimensions.

Pluto in Libra – Ability to let go of the past, and be reborn into the ever-changing moment, ability to deal with psychic earthquakes,

Midheaven in Libra – Ability to know who you are, and understand your place in the World, and how you fit in, ability to see and understand where you are going in your life.

Imum Coeli in Libra – Ability to look into your fears and uncertainties, and cope, and turn weaknesses into strengths, ability to understand what grounds you, where your roots lie.

South Node in Libra – Ability to draw upon your old and existing skills and talents, what has given you purpose and meaning in the past, and use them as foundations for new growth.

North Node in Libra – Ability to develop new skills and talents, especially ones that give new meaning and purpose to your life.

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