AEEA200 Sagittarius & Spleen Meridian


This Audio Essence – main track 30 mins in duration – contains the vibrational signature for your Inner Sagittarius, which is also associated with your Spleen Meridian.

It can be used for inner exploration, inner healing, and alignment to the various aspects and realms of your Spleen Meridian, and your Inner Astrological Sagittarius.

This particular Audio Essence is very useful when you need to re-connect with XXX

Your Inner Sagittarius wants and needs to enjoy and find faith and confidence in the future.



In Energy Astrology terms, Sagittarius is connected with the Spleen Meridian, and so with the positive qualities of Faith in the Future and Grounding Spirit, but also with the limiting issue of Anxiety.

The following extract below is from my Chapter on Sagittarius from my book Energy Astrology: Volume 1 – Introduction, which is available via Amazon (weblink).

When we talk about Sagittarius, and try to get under its skin, try to get to an understanding of its core, it’s inevitable that we need to talk about Comfort Zones.

The key to understanding Sagittarius is… Comfort Zones.

Because Sagittarius needs to deal effectively with Worry & Anxiety in some way, if it is ever to expand outwards, embrace new ideas and new thinking.

In fact, some Sagittarians are searching for some grand philosophy, not just to give their life a higher meaning, but also, to keep their life-anxiety at a distance.

Two for the price of one… it is indeed possible.

OK, the German astrologer Reinhold Ebertin originally made the connection between Sagittarius and the Spleen Meridian, and this link allows us to make a further association, drawing upon the work of the kinesiologist, John Diamond, because in his energy system/approach the Spleen Meridian is linked to the positive quality of Faith in the Future, and the negative quality of Worry & Anxiety…

And if I may, throwing in the Elemental Archetype for Sagittarius from Energy Astrology… Grounding Spirit.

So to start, what do we know about Sagittarius from Traditional Astrology?

Half-man, half horse… the philosopher of the Zodiac… opposite of Gemini… likes to dive deep into a subject and master it… etc… etc…

And all that is true.

But to begin our exploration, I would like to ask you a rather deep question.

How do you handle all the anxiety associated with just being alive?

I mean, you live on a big ball, hurtling through the void, on top of this molten ball of lava, with only a small tectonic crust between you and the fire below, and the tectonic plates move around, causing earthquakes and volcanos.

And one small twitch of Solar activity, intense Solar flares exploding out into space, and our whole civilization would be plunged into total anarchy.

And that’s just thinking about some of the stuff happening up there, off-world, that could go wrong, because down here, there’s lots of other stuff to be worried about, including… but also, closer to home…

Global warming, over-population, the fact the world economy is basically being run by mad-men and super-computers, and religious fundamentalism of every flavour you can imagine, and bio-diversity is under attack, and what happens if… ?

etc… etc… etc…

The point is that, when you step back, there are a lot of things in the Universe which could go wrong for us, both as a civilization, society, and as individuals.

Just driving to work each morning, could potentially open us up to danger from an unexpected direction… we just never know.

When you look at it from that perspective, getting out of bed in the morning requires a degree of Faith in the Future… Faith in Your Future… that things will turn out alright.

That we’ll be OK and in one piece when we reach the end of the day and get back into our bed again.

And there’s also the small stuff that we can also worry about if we were so inclined, whether we will have enough money to pay the bills next month, will we still have a job at the end of the year, how will we support our family going forwards?

Yes, all the small stuff… plus the Big stuff… and Universal scary stuff too.

When you stop to think, we all have so much to be anxious about, to worry over.

But the wonderful thing is, as individuals, 99.9% of the time we don’t go around worrying about any of the above stuff, the stuff which could go wrong… we don’t give it the time of day.

We have better things to do with our alotted time on this planet.

Partly, because we normally find a way of focusing on other stuff… more positive stuff.

Just like the Sagittarian archer focuses on a target or goal.

Most people find a way of coping and continuing…. and so get on with their lives.

And this is very important, psychologists believe that the root of the cause of most mental imbalance, is anxiety, an inability of our Mind/Unconscious to handle some element of the external world, so the worry continues to plague our Mind and eventually undermines our reason and sanity.

Anxiety undermines our ability to cope with the uncertain world us.

The way that I look at it… Sagittarius is the Astrological Sign specifically given the task of finding a way to cope with anxiety.

And to explain… once again, let’s revisit our understanding of Comfort Zones.

Have you ever watched a one-year-old explore the world around them?

It is an interesting exercise because it also helps explain a great deal about how adults behave and navigate their way through adulthood.

Remember, the habits and patterns which we establish in our early childhood are the ones we tend to stick with throughout the rest of our lives.

A small child’s exploration of the big world around them can be broken down into two distinct phases.

The first phase begins when the child gets bored with playing beside its mother and decides to set off and explore the exciting world which lies just beyond the horizon. So the child toddles off, for the moment putting any thought of mother and safety to one side, enticed by the prospect of all the adventure, freedom and newness that lies on the other side of the room or play-park.

But, as the child explores, at some point the thought suddenly enters his/her mind, “Where has mother gone?”, and it looks around to find her. This is the start of the second phase.

If she is still nearby, in direct line of sight, then all is well, she isn’t lost, and so the child is comforted and continues to explore.

However, if she appears to be far away, or even worse, can no longer be seen or located, then the child goes into full-blown panic mode, and frantically tries to find her again.

It either runs straight back to mother, or makes so much noise so that the mother is alerted to his/her plight, and so comes to the rescue.

Either way, the child returns to mother, and so feels safe and secure… their anxiety subsides for the moment… panic over.

Until, it gets bored, starts to wander off in search of newness and excitement… and the whole cycle repeats once again.

So the repeating pattern is fueled by boredom and the need for excitement on one side, and anxiety and the need for security on the other side.

What is important for all of us adults is to realize is that we do exactly the same thing, we repeat the same pattern in our lives, but often we do not even realise that this is what we’re doing.

The point at which the child realizes that the mother is missing and starts to panic is what we can call the edge of our Comfort Zone. This is a psychological space that, while we are inside it we feel safe and secure, but when we venture outside of its apparent protection we start to experience panic and anxiety. The Comfort Zone that we mentally create as children we carry forward into our adult lives.

If Sagittarius is the sign given the task of handling our anxiety… then it needs a Comfort Zone… and it needs something to act as mother, and help it feel that the world is OK, the sky won’t come crashing down on our heads, that basically everything will work out for the best.

But here’s the thing…

… and I mean no disrespect here… because I do this myself.

The great journeys and quests which a Sagittarian goes on… the intellectual ivory towers they create, spending their whole lives researching the history of the Ottoman Empire, or saving the whale, or collecting driftwood from the beach and turning it into amazing artwork.

Are they activities designed to enrich the individual…

… or activities designed to keep the anxiety at bay?

Or both?

For me, my money is on both.

A Sagittarian needs something, an intellectual quest to give their life meaning, maybe even enrich the culture around them in some way.

But that intellectual quest also gives them something to do, and it also helps them deal with the nagging anxiety of life.

And to be honest, we all do it.

Our life-purpose has a dual nature, it is to find a meaning for our life, and also a meaning which will also help to keep the anxiety at arm’s length.

It’s as if we’re distracting ourselves from the anxiety, while also giving ourselves a massive positive payoff.

All religions, all spiritual activity, can be seen from these two directions, these two perspectives.

They give great meaning, direction and purpose to our lives, and yet, also, they help us deal with the anxiety and uncertainty of life… why are we here, what is it all for, and how will I cope if the Sun explodes, the economy goes into meltdown… etc…

Personally, I think this is why the glyph for Sagittarius is half-man, half-horse… because whatever philosophy or belief system that is chosen, it has to satisfy the higher needs of the man, while dealing effectively with the animal anxiety which also resides in our brain.

So the arrow being fired by the centaur aims to, hopefully, satisfy both sides of our nature.

Our higher and lower natures…

Man and beast…

In an earlier chapter, I said there were 2 signs prone to depression… actually, from my experience, there is a 3rd:


Take away their intellectual comfy blanket, and a Sagitarrian will inevitably plunge into an anxiety attack, and possible lock-down depression, where they just won’t get out of bed in the morning, because what is the point?

And a few times in my life, I have been standing outside the bedroom door of a Sagittarian saying…

“Are you sure you don’t want to get up now… it’s gone 11 o’clock… and it’s a lovely day outside… and life isn’t that bad?”

We all need to find some kind of meaning for our lives… whether it is a serious religion, whale-saving or stamp collecting… a reason to get up in the morning, but for an Uber-Sagittarian it is essential.

But when a Sagittarian have found an intellectual quest which motivates them, they throw back the bed covers, all systems firing, and pursue it with all the energies of man and beast.

So there is a Catch-22 inherent to being a Sagittarean.

They gaze out from their Comfort Zone, searching for a deeper meaning to life.

But leaving the safety of their Comfort Zone, even if only mentally, means they open up to the unknown… and to anxiety.

Feeling the anxiety, they increase their search for some belief-system or philosophy to keep the anxiety at bay.

And in search of such a protective belief-system… they often have to look beyond their Comfort Zone to find it… etc… etc…

That is the path of the Uber-Sagittarean.

The Astrological Glyph which the Ancient Astrologers associated with the Sign of Sagittarius was a Centaur, half-man and half-horse… and also an archer… which is a very complex symbol. Once again, we need to cast our minds back to Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt to understand what this Glyph may mean in terms of the Sign of Sagittarius… and we must remember that for all these civilisations… horsemen and archers were cutting edge military technology… at the time, they were the best examples of people using their minds, and their ability to create and invent… and whenever something is invented and comes into form, someone, or a culture as a whole, has to step beyond its Comfort Zone… which is the essence of what Sagittarius is all about.

Note: Once again, this and other information can be found in Energy Astrology – Volume 1 – Introduction, and the rest of the Energy Astrology book series.

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Sun in Sagittarius – Ability to feel and express your core and Soul energy, ability to step outside your Comfort Zone and your Tribe and Social Group, and be a unique individual and go off in a new direction, ablity to identify, know and achieve your life purpose. Your style and expression of Inner Father.

Moon in Sagittarius – Ability to nurture yourself, be in your Physical Body, access, stabilize and feel safe within your Comfort Zone, and be a part of a Group or Tribe. Your style and expression of Inner Mother and Inner Child.

Mercury in Sagittarius – Ability to effectively communicate your thoughts, ideas and mind, express your personal style and personality, understand, fit in, navigate and function well in the World.

Venus in Taurus – Ability to understand and feel your sense of Self, to achieve and maintain inner harmony, experience and maintain positive self-worth and self-value, and to be attractive and magnetic, both externally and internally, to what you want, need and desire, the ability to be in the flow.

Mars in Sagittarius – Ability to assert yourself, motivate yourself, defend yourself when needed, get your needs met, and fight for your wants, needs, desires when required.

Jupiter in Sagittarius – Ability to expand and find meaning and purpose in your life, to see and understand the greater pattern and picture of your life, and so motivate yourself from an understanding of your bigger and deeper purpose.

Saturn in Sagittarius – Ability to remain grounded and focused in your life, and cope effectively with the obstacles and challenges you may face, ability to see what is really going on and cope, ability to stay the course, no matter the hardships, to be disciplined and patient when needed.

Chiron in Sagittarius – Ability to understand your faults and limitations, and the nature of your own psychic wound, and through accepting it, gain insight, forgiveness and true Soul healing.

Uranus in Sagittarius – Ability to see the bigger Universal picture, ability to see behind the curtain of life, if only for a moment, ability to deal with psychic lightning strikes.

Neptune in Sagittarius – Ability to feel the bigger Universal energies, ability to be touched and embraced by unconditional love and bliss, ability to understand what is real and what is illusion and deception, and the ability to see into and understand dreams and multiple dimensions.

Pluto in Sagittarius – Ability to let go of the past, and be reborn into the ever-changing moment, ability to deal with psychic earthquakes,

Midheaven in Sagittarius – Ability to know who you are, and understand your place in the World, and how you fit in, ability to see and understand where you are going in your life.

Imum Coeli in Sagittarius – Ability to look into your fears and uncertainties, and cope, and turn weaknesses into strengths, ability to understand what grounds you, where your roots lie.

South Node in Sagittarius – Ability to draw upon your old and existing skills and talents, what has given you purpose and meaning in the past, and use them as foundations for new growth.

North Node in Sagittarius – Ability to develop new skills and talents, especially ones that give new meaning and purpose to your life.

(c) Brian Parsons / Samarpan Alchemy 2021.