AEEA02 The Moon & Sacral Chakra



This Audio Essence – main track 30 mins in duration – contains the vibrational signature for your Inner Moon, which is also associated with your Sacral Chakra.

It can be used for inner exploration, inner healing, and for alignment to the various aspects and realms of your Sacral Chakra, and your Inner Astrological Moon.

This particular Audio Essence is very useful when you need to re-connect with and step back into your Inner Comfort Zone, relax, recharge, and keep external worries and anxieties at bay.




In Energy Astrology, the Astrological Planet of The Moon is connected with the Sacral Chakra.

While in Traditional Astrology, The Moon is related to the Mother, the Family, the Tribe and Society which an individual is born into, their Habits, and their Physical Body, all of which help to provide a person with a sense of security and a defined place in manifest existence.

The Moon is, therefore, like those maps found in the centre of cities, with the big arrow saying “You Are Here”.

It provides us with a sense of certainty and continuity, and so helps to hold back psychological anxiety.

Whenever you feel anxious, whenever you feel that life is spinning out of control… it’s time to work with, update, strengthen and heal our Inner Moon.

In Energy Astrology, The Moon is also connected to an individual’s Comfort Zone and all that someone identifies with, with all that they feel and believe keeps their psychological anxiety at bay, and helps make both our Two Worlds feel like a safe place to be (that is the External World and our psychological, Internal World… we need to feel safe in both in order to function and achieve our full and true potential).

Without The Moon, a person would be a nervous wreck, without any sense of their connections and relationships to the World around them.

It is also linked to Water, and large bodies of Water… like the oceans… and so also with our Emotional Nature, and Emotional Flow.

This is fitting because just as the heavy ballast on a ship helps to give it stability when at sea, especially during a heavy storm… so the contents of our Comfort Zone, who we believe and feel we are, helps to give an individual their emotional and mental stability during those stormy times during their life.

Basically, an individual’s Comfort Zone helps to give them a central reference point, and sense of direction, in dealing with the World around them.

The Crystal Quality for The Moon, captured in this Audio Essence, can help an individual to connect with all of the above, on an energy level, and also helps to calm and relax someone when they are stressed out.


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