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Welcome to the online home of Energy Astrology… which is both a new way to approach the subject and ancient art of Astrology… along with a new and practical approach to personal and spiritual development… one which allows you to directly step into the energies of your own astrological chart.


Here we offer a range of Physical and eBooks to help you understand Astrology from an Energy Astrology perspective


As well as a range of Audio Essence MP3s (a new vibrational technology), which you can purchase and download from our Online Shop.


Working with these Audio Essence MP3s can help you directly step into the feeling sense of any planet and sign combination… just through the act of listening.


The dual nature and approach of Energy Astrology allows you to understand the true nature of your personality self, through an understanding of how your personality is created and motivated by the energetic relationship between your different Chakras and Meridians.


Once you know and understand which Plant-Chakras are connectd up to which Sign-Meridians within your own Personality-Natal Chart, then it becoms possible to navigate your life and world much more efefctively… consciously choosing the positive, and avoiding the negative… and so effectively working with, even transforming, many of the issues you face.


Our Blog also contains useful and interesting information and posts to help you to better understand this new, emerging area of Astrology… Energy Astrology.


And we also provide a link to the YouTube channel so that you can try and experience Audio Essences for yourself… to ground into its amazing potential.


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